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Fire Door Log Book

Fire Rate® issue compliant fire safety door upgrade logbook data entry forms for building records on new fire door installations and inspected fire safety doors.

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Make future replacement and hardware information at your fingertips with our fire log book entry forms that comply with Australian Standards. Each entered fire safety door recorded shows the door location, the size of the door, the size of the frame, the veneer, the lock type, the closer type and any accessories such as smoke seals, vision panels, peep holes etc.

The logbook entry also shows the date of inspection, any failed items or rectification repairs. The fire door tag information is also listed within the log to have a complete record of each fire safety door.

Fire Safety Door Log Book Services

What is included in your Fire Rate® Logbook?

  • Free customised quotation based on the number of doors to inspect
  • The buildings location This service is for Sydney & surrounding areas!
  • Building type Residential, factory school, hospital or other
  • Access times & if access to all doors can be done in 1 site visit to reduce costs
  • Inspection carried out in normal working hours or afterhours service requirements
  • Free adjustments if required, while inspecting each door. If found additional repairs or replacements are required we issue a free quotation on repairs or replacement services for all fire & safety doors, frames & hardware.
  • We work in with building managers to carry out this service at your buildings best suited time frames
  • Discounted 3 or 5 year plans saving on inspections, repair & replacement services & also discounted hardware replacement products.

Fire door logbook services for Sydney

Fire Rate® pride and strive to deliver the best fire door logbook services across Sydney.

We are looking to expand across Australia in the near future, but for now, our sole focus is to provide you the best fire door logbook service in Sydney, offering the best deals. We pride ourselves on our customers feedback and ensure our customers they have made the right decision when using our door services. So contact us for a competitive quotation for your fire door logbook requirements today.

Enquire about our Fire Door Log Book

Fire Rate® issue compliant fire safety door upgrade logbook data entry forms for building records on new fire door installations and inspected fire safety doors.

Fire Rate inspected our fire doors and enter to their door system. We have had one replacement door needed from the fire brigade forced entry to a false alarm. It was a fast replacement service. Recommend!
Andrew H– Building Manager
Andrew H
Building Manager
Good fire door company that we will continue to use. Thank you!
John M
John M
Neutral Bay

Fire Door Logbook FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions about fire door logbook

  • What is a fire door logbook?

    A fire door logbook is a document that records the inspection and maintenance history of fire doors in a building. It is an essential part of any building’s passive fire protection system.

  • Why do I need a fire door logbook?

    A fire door logbook is required by law to ensure that fire doors are inspected and maintained regularly. It also provides a record of the inspection and maintenance history of each fire door, which can be useful in the event of an audit or investigation.

  • Who should maintain the fire door logbook?

    The fire door logbook should be maintained by a competent person who has been trained in the correct procedures for maintaining and inspecting fire doors.

  • How often should fire doors be inspected and recorded in the logbook?

    Fire doors should be inspected at least once a year by a competent person, and the results of the inspection should be recorded in the logbook. In addition, they should be checked regularly to ensure that they are in good working order.

  • What information should be included in the fire door logbook?

    The fire door logbook should include information about each fire door, including its location, type, size, hardware installed and FRL rating. It should also include details of any inspections or maintenance work carried out on the door, including the date, nature of the work, and any defects found.

  • What happens if I don’t have a fire door logbook?

    Failure to maintain a fire door logbook can result in legal action being taken against the building owner or manager. It can also result in fines or penalties for non-compliance with fire safety regulations. We offer online data entry logbook services. We look forward to speaking with you and solving your fire safety door issues.

  • How long should I keep the fire door logbook for?

    ? The fire door logbook should be kept for the life of the building. If ownership of the building changes, the logbook should be passed on to the new owner or manager.

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